Research Storybook Competition

Photography has turned out to be a frontline tool for all scientific research, not only in registering what the eye perceives, but also, in many cases, in registering what is impossible to see our naked eyes. Research storybook will allow undergraduate research students to present their findings to the general audience more abstract and illustrative manner. All final year research students of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya are eligible to participate the Research storybook competition. More specifically, those who have special interest in photography and creative photobook designing are highly encourages to participate. This competition expects from all the participants of undergraduate students to capture 10-15 photos and illustrate them as a photobook. This photobook needs to represent the aspect of research being undertaken during their final year research period and it also requires to visually illustrate the value of the undergraduate research findings. It is important to highlight that produce photographs presenting the undergraduate research to a wider audience in an abstract manner is difficult. Hence, the participants of this competition require more preparation and care than normal photography.

1. To bring undergraduate scientific research findings closer to the general people through an artistic perspective by using their scientific photographs and a written comment about the fact they illustrate.
2. To encourage undergraduate students to highlight the growing role ofphotography in their scientific research.
3. To reveal how their undergraduate research work is conducted.
4. To improve creativity and photography skills.

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