Opportunities for Study Abroad

Opportunities For Faculty Student To Study Abroad (Short And Long Term)

The Faculty And University Offer Overseas Scholarships To Undergraduates With Several Foreign Univer

Short Term Visit

  • Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo Nodai), Japan – Faculty will select two 3100 series students to attend International Student Summit (ISS). Tokyo Nodai also provides opportunity for one student of the Faculty to follow their undergraduate program after completion of the first year academic program of the Faculty.
  • Saga University Short Term Student Exchange Program, Japan - Faculty will provide 4-5 (out of two students are from Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management and Department of Agricultural Extension) opportunities to 3100 series students to visit Saga University to engage in workshops/training programs etc.
  • Jeju University, Korea Student Exchange Program - Faculty will provide 2-3 opportunities to 3100 series students to visit Jeju University, Korea for research and training activities.
  • Student Exchange for Rural Immersion Program with Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai, Tamil Nadu This program will allow final year students of Department of Agricultural Economics and Business management and one each from all other seven Departments and two students from BSc FST and BSc ASF attend the rural emersion program in India.
  • Transelvania University of Brasov (TUB), Rumania – This will provide opportunity for final year students to interact with forestry students of TUB in Romania.
  • The Faculty also send students to represent International Conferences and Workshops etc. (for example International Organic Conference, New Delhi, India, 2017).
  • The Faculty also encourage and facilitate students of all years to apply for international competitions such as Young Agriculturists by Bayer etc.
  • The Faculty will also provide financial support for students to represent the Faculty, University and Country in International events, sport competition, debate competitions etc.

Long Term Visit (Largely To Conduct Final Year Research Project)

  • Saga University Program for Academic Exchange (SPACE), Japan - Faculty will provide 1-2 opportunities to 3100 series students to conduct their final year research project in Saga University.
  • Obihiro University Program for Research, Japan - Faculty will provide 1-2 opportunities to 3100 series students to conduct their final year research project in Saga University. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, two Students of the Faculty Participated the International Student Summits held in Japan and shared their experiences as follows:

“International Student Summit (ISS) held in Tokyo Nodai, Japan in 2016 was a remarkable global learning exposure I gained, thanks to the privilege of being an undergraduate of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. It unrevealed the treasured vistas to global, experiential learning.”

“Participating at International Student Summit (ISS) 2016 was a great experience. I had the opportunity to present our work to an International audience, met students from around the world from 34 leading Universities and made lasting friendships. I thank the Faculty of Agriculture for providing us with numerous platforms to showcase students' talents and giving support and guidance to achieve greater heights in life." 

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