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Developing eco-friendly soil fertility management technologies for rice cultivation in Sri Lanka

Indiscriminate fertilizer usage and related environmental and health issues are hot topics in the agriculture sector today. Even with correct usage of chemical fertilizers, about 50 -80% of the applied fertilizers are lost to the environment polluting the environment. In order to minimize losses while protecting the food security and environmental health of the country, the Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture in collaboration with several other local and foreign institutions, i.e. Rice Research and Development Institute, Batalegoda, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, The University of Winnipeg and International Plant Nutrition Institute is conducting a target oriented research project with the funding from National Research Council of Sri Lanka (NRC TO-16/07).  This multi-disciplinary, multi-institution project target to reduce chemical fertilizer usage by at least 25% by introducing novel eco-friendly soil fertility management technologies. The 13 member research team

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