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Exploring the Potential Causes of Leaf Yellowing in Paddy Cultivation During the Maha Season 2022 23

In the recent Maha season (2022/23), a concerning issue of yellowing rice plants was observed in several rice-growing regions accompanied by noticeable growth retardation and yellowing symptoms.
Recognizing the need for rigorous scientific investigation, the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya initiated an in-depth study to uncover the underlying causes of rice crop yellowing. A specialized team of scientists focused on specific paddy tracts in Kandy, Rathnapura, and Hambantota districts and extensive field observations, interviews with farmers, and soil and plant sample collection were done February-March 2023.
Measurement of soil parameters revealed substantial variability of measured soil parameters across sites. From the sites studied, 95% and 77% of sites had low contents of plant available P and K, respectively. Thus, in most of the sites, soil P and K were not at optimum

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Developing eco-friendly soil fertility management technologies for rice cultivation in Sri Lanka

Indiscriminate fertilizer usage and related environmental and health issues are hot topics in the agriculture sector today. Even with correct usage of chemical fertilizers, about...

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