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Ahead Project-- Faculty Of Agriculture, University Of Peradeniya - Elta-Else Dps – Faculty Proposal

The Faculty Proposal submitted under AHEAD Project Result Area 2: Improve the Quality of Higher Education, Enriching Learning, Teaching, Assessment (ELTA) and English Language Skills Enhancement (ELSE) Development Project (DP) (ELTA-ELSE DPs) Faculty Proposal has won the first place in the Science stream with 88.2 marks out of 100 among several science based faculties coming under Tier one Universities (University of Peradeniya, Colombo, Sri Jayawardenapura, Kelaniya and Ruhuna). In consultation with Heads of Departments and members of the Faculty Board of Agriculture, the Faculty Proposal was prepared by the following members of the Faculty. Prof. GLLP Silva, Prof. HLJ Weerahewa, Prof. KSP Amarathunga, Dr. UI Dissanayake, Dr. KKSP Kodithuwakku, Dr. H.M.V.G. Herath, Dr. S. Kumar, Dr. DVP Prasada, and Dr. SDS Hemachandra where Prof. GLLP Silva and Prof. HLJ Weerahewa served as the coordinator and deputy coordinator, respectively.


The Project Coordinator And Activity Coordinators Are As Follows:

Project Coordinator:   - Prof. GLLP Silva
Activity 1:



- Dr. KKSP Kodithuwakku

- Dr. SA Weerasooriya and Dr. KKDV Jayathilake

Activity 2:



- Dr. S Kumar

- Dr. SDS Hemechandra

Activity 3:



- Dr. UI Dissnayake

- Dr. PCG Bandaranayake

Activity 4:



- Prof. KSP Amarathunga

- Prof. HLJ Weerahewa

Activity 5:



- Dr. DVP Prasada

- Dr. AMCPK Attanayake


Value of the Grant is Rs. 119,982,780.00 million

Agreement signed on 14th June 2019

Financial progress: Procurements are underway for 76 goods, 9 consultancies and 4 works activities.

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