The Department of Crop Science is considered as a centre of excellence in Sri Lanka for teaching and research related to Crop Sciences and Biostatistics with a reputation for maintaining high academic standards and a strong research culture. The Department offers a comprehensive set of courses in all four years of the B.Sc. Agricultural Technology and Management degree program including production and management of field, horticultural, export agricultural and plantation crops; micro propagation and tissue culture; controlled environment agriculture; crop physiology; agroforestry and forestry. The Department also offers basic courses in Crop Sciences to the other degree programs on Food Science and Technology and Animal Science and Fisheries offered by the Faculty. The Department is primarily responsible for the semester-long intensive residential field practical program at Mahailluppallama, which provides on-farm experience, knowledge and skills of dry zone agriculture. The Department also plays a unique role by offering courses on biostatistics for all students of the faculty. For students opting to specializing in Crop Sciences, the Department offers two advanced modules titled, “Advanced Crop Production Technology” and “Plantation Management and Forestry” in the 6th, 7th and 8th semesters. These attract a significant number of students annually.

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