The Department of Agricultural Engineering is located in the 'Rubber Triangle' at the entrance to the University of Peradeniya between Old and New Galaha roads. Being one of the oldest Departments of the Faculty, it has been playing a vital supportive role in executing the degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Agriculture right throughout. The Department has 13 highly qualified and experienced academic staff members and 18 non-academic staff members including five Technical Officers to deliver its services.

The Agricultural Engineering courses are offered in all four years of the B.Sc. Agricultural Technology and Management degree programme. The major fields of studies comprise of required technological inputs such as land development, soil and water conservation techniques, land preparation, seeding or planting, plant protection, weeding, irrigation, drainage, harvesting, post-harvest handling, transportation, structures for animal housing, storage of grain and perishables, and energy and waste management for increased and sustained agricultural production. In addition to these technological inputs, supporting fields of studies are taught on climatic data acquisition and analysis including hydrology, water quality, geographical information systems and remote sensing, water resource management and forest hydrology for effective management of watersheds. The Department also offers courses to the other degree programs on Food Science and Technology and Animal Science and Fisheries offered by the Faculty. The advanced courses offered by the Department permit students to specialize in Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering.

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