Faculty Research Committee (FRC) – 2022-2025

Prof. D.M. de Costa

Prof. B.M.L.D.B. Suriyagoda

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process:

The Faculty Research Committee (FRC) is comprised of Dean, Heads of Departments, Five Professors appointed by the Faculty Board and two members from outside the Faculty. Unlike other sub committees of the Faculty, the FRC is appointed for a term of three years (2019-2021). The Chairperson and Secretaries will be selected from among members of the committee.


The FRC is responsible allocation of university research funds among University Research Grants and monitoring of such research grants and collection and compilation of research information of members of the Faculty. The committee meets when there are matters for discussion, usually two-three times per year. Progress of the committee should report to the Faculty Board and Senate Research Committee (SRC).




Prof. K.A.S.S. Kodithuwakku

Dr. N.U. Jayawardena

Prof. S. Kumar

Prof. N.D.K. Dayawansa

Dr. U.I. Dissanayake

Prof. R.M.C. Deshapriya

Prof. C.K. Beneragama

Prof. B.E.P. Mendis

Prof. R.S. Dharmakeerthi

Prof. D.M.De Costa

Prof. L.D.B. Suriyagoda

Prof. M.I.M. Mowjood

Prof. J.K. Vidanarachchi

Prof. W.A.U. Vitharana

Dr. C. Palliyaguru/VRI

Dr. Jayantha Senanayake/RRDI

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