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Faculty of Agriculture Undergraduate Research Symposium (FAuRS)

The concept of undergraduate research symposia was first introduced to the university system of Sri Lanka in 1993 by the deaprtment of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. Since then, annual student reseach sessions had been a tradition of the faculty. In 2014, the faculty took another step forward by conducting a common student research symposium for the entire faculty. The FAuRS is providing a platform for graduting students to present their valuble final sesmter research findings and interact with experts in the sector, peers, and prospective employers. This will no doubt enhance the research culture within the faculty and the university system.

Important Links - FAuRS 2021/22

1. Message from the dean


2. Message from the coordinator 


3. Student experiences


4. Award ceremony 


5. Closing ceremony live


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