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In theme of “Bring Sri Lanka to the world and bring the world to Sri Lanka!” the Faculty opens opportunities for foreign students to study at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya in different levels.

The Faculty encourages foreign students to join its three Degree programs. Accordingly, 10, 5 and 5 foreign students can be accommodated in each year to B.Sc. Agricultural Technology and Management, B.Sc. Food Science and Technology and B.Sc. Animal Science and Fisheries degree programs, respectively. The Faculty identified 10 placements for foreign students. In the past, foreign undergraduates were enrolled from Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Japan. Currently, one Nigerian and one Nepali student are following B.Sc. Agricultural Technology and Management degree under the Government of Sri Lanka Scholarship Program. For this purpose, students are requested to follow guidelines of the University Grant Commission (UGC), can be downloaded from UGC web site.

Further, casual students can also join the Faculty for a semester or to follow identified number of credited courses or research works.

In addition, the Agriculture Education Unit of the Faculty offers study abroad programs for foreign students. The AEU currently offering programs for Michigan State University, USA; University of California Davis, USA; Sulthan Quabool University, Oman; University of Tasmania, Australia. Each program is tailor-made to suit the Partner University’s requirement and conducted by the well-qualified staff. The programs usually provide skill development activities through hand on practical experience and cross cultural learning environment. Almost all programs are rated highly in respective Universities. Visit web page of Agriculture Education Unit for further details.

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