Faculty Board


The Faculty Board of Agriculture (FBA) constitutes the primary forum in the Faculty responsible for the discussion and resolution of academic matters. Subject to the rules and the resolutions of the University Council and Senate, the FBA has the responsibility to establish and maintain academic leadership by sustainably and effectively overseeing, assessing, monitoring, reviewing and improving the quality and outcome of the academic work of the faculty (including teaching, learning, scholarship and research and research training).

According to the University Act 1978, the Faculty Board is responsible for exercising, performing and discharging the following powers, duties and functions:

  • considering and reporting on any matter referred to it by the Senate;
  • subject to the control of the Senate, regulating matters associated with teaching, examinations and research in the Departments of Study in the Faculty;
  • Present recommendations and reports to the Senate on all matters linked with the courses of study and examinations in the Faculty;
  • appointing committees, which may include persons other than members of the Faculty, for the purpose of considering and reporting on any special subject or subjects; and
  • recommending to the Senate, persons suitable for appointment as examiners.


  1. 1. Dean (Chairperson)
  2. 2.  Senior Assistant Registrar (Secretary)
  3. 3. Eight Heads of Departments
  4. 4. All Permanent and Confirmed Academic Staff Members of the Departments of Agricultural Biology, Agricultural Economics and Business Management, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Extension, Animal Science, Crop Science, Food Science and Technology, and Soil Science and Mahailluppallama Sub‐Campus
  5. 5. Two Members Elected from among Probationary Lecturers
  6. 6. Two Members Elected from those Imparting Instructions in the Faculty and Attached to Faculty Centres/Units
  7. 7. Three Outside Members Nominated by the Faculty Board of Agriculture
  8. 8.  Non Voting Members:
    • a) Two Student Representatives
  9. 9. Invited Members:
    • a) Senior Assistant Librarian
    • b) Other Probationary Lecturers
    • c) Coordinator of the ELTU, Agriculture


Month Meeting No Date Status
January 274 16/01/2019 Conducted
February 275 12/02/2019 Conducted
March 276 12/03/2019 Conducted
April Special FB* 05/04/2019 Conducted
April Special FB* 08/04/2019 Conducted
May 277 14/05/2019 Conducted
June Special FB* 04/06/2019 Conducted
June 278 18/06/2019 Conducted
July 279 17/07/2019 Conducted
August 280 20/08/2019 Conducted
September 281 17/09/2019 Not held
October 282 22/10/2019 Scheduled
November 283 19/11/2019 Scheduled
December No Meeting