Workshop on GIS


A workshop on "GIS (Geographic Information Systems) as a Tool for Agricultural Research" was held on 05th of June 2016. The programme was organized by the Soil Science Society Faculty of Agriculture which was funded by the Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka. Prof. Emeritus R. B. Mapa and Dr. Saman Dharmakeerthi, participated in the programme as honored guests while Dr. W. A. U. Vitharana coordinated the programme. Theory sessions were focused on an introduction to GIS, fundamentals of Geographical Coordinate Systems and Global Positioning System (GPS). These sessions were conducted by Miss. H. G. Kasuni, temporary assistant lecturer, Department of Soil Science. Students were involved in field acivities which were focused on handling GPS receivers and preparing grid sampling scheme for sampling purposes. Following the field session, students were involved in handling Idrisi GIS software to map sample data. Students were able to gain hands on experience of mapping of data and methods of addressing a research problem using GIS techniques. At the end of the programme, certificates were given to the participants by Dr. W. A. U. Vitharana and Dr. Chammi Attanayake, Senior Treasurer of the Soil Science Society of Faculty of Agriculture.

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