Study Abroad Training Programme Offered to Students of the Michigan State University, USA - (16 May to 13 June 2016)


The Study Abroad Program for the students of the Michigan State University was held successfully during 16 th May to 13 June 2016, for the fifth consecutive year. The program was offered through the Agriculture Education Unit (AEU) of the Faculty of Agriculture. Thirteen students from the James Madison College of the Michigan State University participated in the program along with four Sri Lankan students. The theme of the program was "Applied International Development: Practice and Policy in Sri Lanka". Dr J. Mohotti, Prof. B. Marambe and Prof. Pradeepa Silva coordinated the programme. The initial component of the programme was held in Colombo and the next at Peradeniya, followed by the final component at Talawakele with community-based learning activities. Many from the Faculty of Agriculture and other Faculties, other universities, private and state sector organizations served as resource persons of the programme.

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