The national seminar on Indigenous Farm Animal Genetic Resources of Sri Lanka: A Living Treasure


A seminar on 'Indigenous Farm Animal Genetic Resources of Sri Lanka: A Living Treasure' was held on 11th March 2016 at the Hotel Janaki, Colombo. The occasion was graced by Ms. D.K.R. Ekanayake, the Secretary to the Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs, Professor U. B. Dissanayake, Vice-Chancellor, University of Peradeniya, Professor Gamini Pushpakumara, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Professor M.N.M. Ibrahim, Regional Project Coordinator and Professor Pradeepa Silva, National Project Director. The seminar organized by the University of Peradeniya drew many stakeholder organizations representing the livestock sector of the country. The seminar was an eye-opening event which highlighted the significance of sustainable utilization of indigenous farm animal genetic resources and strategic actions to curb the genetic erosion of the gene pool of indigenous farm animal was discussed. The seminar presented the policy directives for Indigenous Farm Animal Genetic Resource (FAnGR) conservation, market opportunities, farmer perception, and tools and strategies in describing indigenous FAnGR. The seminar was held as the final event of the multi- country project executed by University of Peradeniya (GEF-UNEP-ILRI-FAnGR Asia project) over the last five year period. The project steering committee was headed by the Vice Chancellor of University of Peradeniya and the project activities operated through the Agriculture Education Unit (AEU) of the Faculty of Agriculture where the Department of Animal Science played a leading role. A wide spectrum of activities related to indigenous FAnGR was covered by the project during its implementation including research, development, knowledge dissemination and policy perspective. This is one of the successful projects that the Agriculture Education Unit of the Faculty of Agriculture has implemented on behalf of the University of Peradeniya. As revealed at the national seminar, the outcome of the project is of societal and national importance.

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