Third Year Student Secures Two Gold Medals at the 42nd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva


Ms. Haily Seneviratne, a third year B.Sc. Food Science & Technology (BFST) student and Mr. Manju Gunawardana from Hybrid Technologies Inc., Sri Lanka were able to receive two Gold Medals and a Special Jury Award for two inventions at the 42nd International exhibition of Inventions of Geneva held from 2nd to 6th April 2014. 'Diabetes Early Warning Urinal System' developed by the inventors is a virtual lab in the toilet which is capable of quantifying glucose, bilirubin, ketones, proteins, nitriles in urine and measuring specific gravity, pH. It is also capable of detecting the presence of red blood cells and leucocytes in urine. The invention will serve the males as an early warning of diabetes. 'Sterilizer Enforced Access Control System for Healthcare Workers' received a Gold Medal and a Special Jury Award in Geneva. The device is capable of identifying the sanitary condition of hands of the healthcare worker who attempts to enter a germ free area and controls the access by opening the entrance only if the level of sanitation is acceptable. The inventors have expressed their willingness to collaborate with the Department of Food Science & Technology in getting it modified to suit the food processing industries.


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