Elysium 2017


The Intensive Course in English conducted by the English Language Teaching Unit, Faculty of Agriculture commenced on 18/01/2017 and concluded on the 15/03/2017. The Intensive Course in English spanned across eight weeks where the students engaged in a vigorous English Language learning program from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. The students were made to engage in a multitude of activities which were meant to improve the students' competency and skills pertaining to the academic and social use of English. A concert titled, "Elysium 2017" was organized to mark the successful completion of the Intensive Program. It was organized with the intension of providing the students with an open platform to showcase the skills they have acquired in relation to English and performing in English in front of an audience. Students from each class performed an item at the concert. Performance is an integral aspect of learning a language, and hence, the concert was organized to motivate the students to learn the English language and to assist them in getting rid of certain inhibitions related to learning and using English. "Elysium 2017" which was organized with such a philosophy in mind was successfully held on the 16/03/2017 with the participation of academic and ELTU staff.

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