Members of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) - FoA

Members of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) - FoA

• Dean/Agriculture
• IQAC Coordinator/Agriculture
• SAR/Agriculture
• SAB/Agriculture
• Heads of Departments
• Lecturer in charge/MI
• Deputy Proctor
• Professor or Senior Professor appointed by the FB
• Senior Lecturer I or II appointed by the FB
• Probationary Lecturer appointed by the FB
• Representative of Technical Staff Member
• Representative of Other Non Academic Staff
• Chairperson/Curriculum Development Committee
• Eight Chairpersons
    • e-learning and Computer Unit Management Committee
    • Language Teaching Committee
    • Teaching Methods Unit
    • Student Advisory and Welfare Committee
    • Timetable Committee
    • Library Committee
    • Publication and Public Relation Committee
    • Faculty Research Committee
• Coordinator/ELTU, Faculty of Agriculture
• Three Directors of Agribusiness Centre (ABC), Agriculture Biotechnology Centre (AgBC), and Agriculture Education Unit (AEU)
• Two Temporary lecturers
• Student Union Representative
• Two Representatives of Student Forum

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