Faculty Students Help School Children


The students of the Faculty of Agriculture organized a series of seminars for the students preparing for GCE [O/L] from selected resource poor schools. The inaugural session of the seminar programme termed 'Reli Bimen Sama Bimata' was held at the Mahailuppallama Sub Campus on July 11, 2015. Principals and students of four schools in Kekirawa and Thambuttegama area, students of the Faculty, Dr. Mojith Ariyaratne, Lecturer-in-Charge, Mahailuppallama Sub Campus, Dr. Anruddha Karunaratne, Chair, Student Advisory and Welfare Committee and Dr. Terrence Madhujith, Senior Treasurer, Agriculture Student Union attended the inaugural ceremony. Educational materials prepared by the students and stationary packages were distributed among school children. In addition, stationary items were also donated to the four schools. Donation of a wheel chair to a disabled child from one of the participating schools was remarkable. The organizers thank Professor K. Samarasinghe, Dean of the Faculty for his continuous guidance and assistance, the Educational Directors of the region for permitting the schools to attend the seminar and media personnel.
Students intend to organize few more seminars in other areas in the near future.

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