Agribusiness Centre of the Faculty of Agriculture Conducted Series of Workshops to Identify the Present Issue on Fertilizer Subsidy in Sri Lanka


The fertilizer subsidy is of a major concern in policy circles mainly due to high public budgetary allocation, logistical inefficiencies, environmental externalities and economic inefficiencies. Therefore, it is vital to rationalize the government expenditure and improve the efficiency of distribution and use fertilizer, to optimize the expected social and economic benefits. In this context, the Agribusiness Centre of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya organized a series of multi-stakeholder workshops with the aim of developing a scientific evidence based proposal in reforming the existing policy and institutional framework. The first workshop was held with the farmers and grass root level government officers on 16th June 2015 at the Wayamba Training Centre, Wariyapola. The ground level officers representing Department of Agriculture and Department of Agrarian Development who are involved in advisory and distribution of fertilizer, and the representatives from farmer organizations and NGOs participated. The strengths and limitations of the previous price subsidy program and the revised cash transfer scheme were discussed in detail by these groups.

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