Guidelines for Professional Conduct of Academic Staff

Guidelines For Professional Conduct Of Academic Staff Faculty Of Agriculture, University Of Peradeniya

As Agreed At The Special Faculty Board Held On 19th December 2009

The Dean welcomed the members to the Special Faculty Board meeting of the Faculty of Agriculture and explained the purpose of calling a special Faculty Board meeting. The Dean then invited Professor B Marambe, the Coordinator of the IRQUE Project to explain the process involved in developing the draft document on "Guidelines for Professional Conduct of Academic Staff" prepared by Professor T Jogaratnam, Consultant, IRQUE (QEF-Agriculture) Project. After a lengthy discussion on each and every item of the list of guidelines,the members agreed on the following guidelines for professional Conduct of Academic Staff of the Faculty of Agricuilure.

  • Commitrnent to the work eg, fafiing in line with accepted norms of the profession i.e (punctuality, availability, responsibility, accountability, honesty)
  • conform to the quality of instruction (content, delivery, materials) taking into consideration of the expectations of other stakeholders.
  • Strictly adhere to class schedules.
  • Honesty in setting, conducting and evaluating examination
  • Avoid plagiarism and maintain authenticity in research and teaching materials.
  • Avoid improper use, misuse and unauthorized use of common properties
  • Avoid misuse of official personnel.
  • Refrain from sexual harassment and sexual misconduct
  • Maintain confidentiality, be transparent, be open and frank where needed
  • Refrain from all forms of discrimination and avoid favouritism
  • Be respectful for rights and dignity of others.
  • Maintain honesty in financial matters.
  • To avoid situations where there is conflict of interest between starf and students.
  • Avoid activities that will put students in a difficult situation.
  • Participate in official/regular meetings.
  • Actively contribute to the Faculty Development activities.

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