“Scientia” Quiz Competition

Preliminary Rounds, Semi-final Round, and Final Round

Rules and regulations of the competition

  1. Only four members are allowed per one team.

  2. Two or three schools will compete together at a given time.

  3. When the number of schools from a province exceed 3 there will be a competition among winners from the first set to select the provincial winner.

  4. Should be loud and clear when answering.

  5. It is mandatory to give complete answers when answering. No points will be awarded for incomplete answers.

    Example: Mention the full name of the person who is known as the father of free education.
    Mr. C.W.W. Kannangara - Correct. Points will be given.
    Mr. Kannangara - Incorrect. No points will be given.

How the competitions are conducted.

  1. This competition consists of 3 rounds of contests.

  2. In the first and second rounds, the contestants will be asked questions individually and in the third round, questions will be asked as a group.

  3. Final decision on all the matters rests with the judge panel.

During first and second rounds,

  1. Answers should be given by individual contestants without group discussions. 10 points will be deducted from the team for any violations of this condition.

  2. Each contestant will be asked one question per round and will be given 15 seconds to answer. 10 points will be awarded for a correct answer.

  3. If the respective contestant is unable to give the correct answer within the stipulated time, after notifying that the time has expired, any other contestant of the same group will be given only one chance to give the answer and he/she will get 05 seconds. A correct answer will get 05 points.

  4. This opportunity will be available to the contestant who attempts first.

  5. A contestant can attempt only once during his/her allotted time.

  6. If the correct answer is not received, another group will not be given the opportunity to answer the question.

During the third round,

  1. The correct answer can be given after a group discussion.

  2. Each team will have 10 seconds for that. 10 points will be awarded for a correct answer and 05 points will be deducted for each wrong answer.

  3. If the respective team is not able to give the correct answer, another team will not get the opportunity to answer the question.

  4. If two or more teams are tied, the question will be referred to the captain of those teams. If there is a tie even at then, more questions will be directed to the captains up to a maximum of 03 times. Here, if the captain of one team fails to answer, the same question will not be referred to the captain of the opposite team.

  5. In case of a tie even after that, the winner will be decided by a coin toss.