Rules and Regulations

  • Only the nominated students (05) from each school can participate in the quiz competition. This includes four (04) contestants and one (01) reserve student.
  • The names of the nominated students must be indicated in a letter uploaded to the Google Form during the registration process. The letter should be issued by the principal of the school.

  • If a school wishes to send the reserve student to participate in the competition in place of other student, a valid justification must be provided. This should be accompanied by a certified letter from the principal explaining the reason for the substitution.

  • Schools must arrange to send a team of four (04) students for the written exams. Teams with fewer than four students will not be allowed to participate.

The oral rounds will consist of two rounds:

  • In the first round, each student will face the questions individually.
  • In the second round, students within a team can collaborate and discuss to answer the questions.

  • The number of rounds in the grand finale will be communicated at a later stage. Stay tuned for updates and announcements.

  • The exact dates, times, and venues of the written exams and oral rounds will be communicated to the participating schools.

These rules and regulations are put in place to ensure fairness and consistency throughout the "Scientia" quiz competition. Participants and schools are expected to adhere to these guidelines to maintain the integrity of the competition