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Cultivating Brilliance for 75 Years; Nurturing Young Minds, Growing Scientific Legacy!

Celebrating a magnificent journey of 75 years, the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya proudly marks its Grand Diamond Jubilee this year. As we commemorate this milestone, we honor our past while propelling toward a promising tomorrow, united in our commitment for fostering innovation, knowledge, and growth within the realm of agriculture.

South Asian Nitrogen Hub - Sri Lanka's Path to Sustainable Nitrogen Use

The South Asian Nitrogen Hub - Sri Lanka (SANH–Sri Lanka) stands as a vital nexus for advancing nitrogen related research and solutions in the region. By bringing together experts, researchers and stakeholders, SANH–Sri Lanka acts as a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration and addressing the critical challenges posed by nitrogen use. Through collaborative efforts, innovative studies, and knowledge dissemination, the South Asian Nitrogen Hub - Sri Lanka strives to usher in a new era of informed decision-making, sustainable practices, and a harmonious balance between human progress and ecological health throughout the South Asian region.

“NITROPULSE”, Pulsating the nitrogen insights!

The vision of hosting NITROPULSE for the younger generation alongside research projects is to create a harmonious synergy between education and innovation. Through these experiences, we envision a generation of individuals who are not only well-versed in theory but also empowered to tackle global challenges with confidence and determination. These competitions will not only provide a platform for skill development, critical thinking and problem-solving but also cultivate a sense of responsibility for addressing real-world issues through informed decision making. By inspiring the younger generation to see themselves as contributors rather than passive learners, we aim to nurture a pipeline of innovative thinkers who will engage in research-inspired challenges, building a solid foundation for their future roles as problem-solvers and change-makers.