Our farm consists of some temperate and tropical cattle breeds. The facility houses approximately 24 milking cows, including 16 baby calves and heifers being developed as future replacements.  Those breeds are rearing at farm specially for practical purpose of undergraduates. Research and teaching regarding dairy nutrition, reproduction, health, housing, management, and other related areas is conducted at the farm. Undergraduate students are trained during their farm training periods. Students could able to learn and identify about different Cattle & buffalo breeds and their characteristics, Breeding and Reproduction of cows, Housing for cattle and buffalos, Feeds and feeding for cattle and buffalos, Management of heifers, Management of pregnant cow, Dry cow management, Management at parturition, Management of lactating cow, Management of new born calves up to weaning, Milking of cattle and buffaloes, milking methods and other herd management practices and tools etc. All cows on the farm are cut and fed. Because of the availability of unsuitable lands, free grazing is not practiced for them.

Cattle Breeds (Bos indicus)

Temperate breeds



  • Fawn, with or without white markings
  • Straight top lines level rumps and sharp withers.
  • Double dish head



  • Black and white
  • Long narrow head and straight with slightly rounding wither



  • Red, mahogany , brown or combination with white
  • Long horns which are turned upwards
  • Shorter and thicker neck


Tropical Breeds



  • Various shades of red, dark brown splashed with white.
  • Deep body with short legs
  • Loose skin
  • Stumpy horn, loose horns are common in female.
  • Drooping ears.

Dairy unit - head to head system

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