Annual Farmer day event which is organized in parallel to the Development Extension course offered in the 1100 semester was held in Mahailluppallama on 19th January. This is an event done by the students for the farmer community with the objective of educating and sharing technology and knowledge for the betterment of their lives.

'Krushi 2023' training and exhibition was held at the Mahailluppallama sub campus premises with the participation of students from thirteen schools from around Mahailluppallama area including Anuradhpura Central College. Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya was hosted the event as the chief guest. Miss Madhavi Wijerathne, the course coordinator of the Development Extension course, Prof. W.A.P

. Weerakkody the chairmen in National Institute of Post Harvest Management and lecturers from the faculty of Agriculture and other officials from the organizations which assisted the students in organizing the event participated for 'Krushi 2023' training and exhibition. The 2020/2021 batch was in charge of organizing this year farmer day. They had planned 21 stalls where 20 stalls were evaluated by six evaluators from the faculty academic staff. Final stall was a commercial based stall where hindu traditional food were sold.Farmers from aroud the area, farmer organizations, inservice institute in Anuradhapura and employees from FMRC particpated in the event. 

Information related to correcting post harvest practiices, GAP, mobile application usage in sprinkler management, imporatance of farm budget and record keeping, weed managemnt practices, agronomical practices related to coconut cultivation and hydroponic technology in green houses  any many other imporatant information and technical know-how were shared with the audience 

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