Audio Visual Unit

Audio Visual (AV) Unit

Audio Visual (AV) Unit specializes in utilizing audio and visual technologies to enhance agricultural education, communication, and outreach efforts. The primary purpose of this unit would be to leverage multimedia tools to effectively disseminate agricultural knowledge, best practices, and research findings to various stakeholders including farmers, students, researchers, and the general public.

AV Unit consists of cameras, microphones, and video editing software for refining contents made using these tools. Animation and graphic design software help explain complex concepts visually, while mobile apps and online platforms extend outreach. VR, AR tools, and lighting equipment contribute to immersive experiences and high-quality content creation. The unit also employs storage solutions, web platforms, and a YouTube channel for effective dissemination of the content. These tools collectively enable the AV Unit to create engaging multimedia content that supports agricultural learning and engagement.

By employing AV tools, the unit conducts training, workshops, and community events, making complex agricultural concepts more accessible. This approach fosters interactive learning, showcases successful farming techniques, and helps bridge the gap between research findings and practical application. Through digital outreach and partnerships, the AV Unit plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and informed decision-making.

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