Gender debate series which is annually conducted by the Gender Education and  Women Initiative unit of the Department of Agricultural Extension was conducted successfully from 17th to 28th of October, 2022. The purpose of 'GENERO 2022' was to sensitize the community on gender issues. 

Eight teams representing the five batches of the faculty, participated in the debate series. The 20th batch's "Team Elite" and the 16th batch's "Team Omega" competed in the grand finale. Final debate was held at the Appadurai auditorium with the presence of Dr. Wijaya Jayathilaka as the chief guest. The panel of judges, head of the Department of Extension Dr. Uvasara Dissanayeke, head of the gender unit Miss Madhavi Wijerathne, other academic staff members and student

s of the faculty of Agriculture participated in the event. GENERO 2022 was  won by the 'Team Elite' of 20th batch. 

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