Genero Debate Competition 2022

The Gender Education and Women's Initiative Unit, Department of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, conducted the annual Genero debate competition 2k22 to educate university undergraduates about gender diversity and gender-based equality. A total of eight teams representing all four years of students in the faculty of Agriculture participated in the competition. The competition was conducted over seven days in three separate rounds. The final event was held at Appadurei hall, Post graduate institute of Agriculture on 28th October 2022.

The Championship was won by Team Elites from 20th batch members of Senuri Diyathma Kandamulla, N.M.R.G.R. Nawela, R.D.Rihini Punma Chanduni, and W.M.Ovini Parindya Wijesooriya. Team Omega from the 16 batch bagged second place in the debate competition. Hashini Hathurusinghe from team Omega was

prized as the best speaker of the final debate. Dr. Wijaya Jayathilake, Founder of the Gender and Women's Initiative Unit was invited as the guest of honor in the final event. Dr. Wijaya Jayathilake conducted a valuable speech for students about concepts in gender education. All the competitors and the winners were recognized and prized at the end of the event.


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