AgBio Champs T-shirt Design contest 2021

The Department of Agricultural Biology organized the “AgBio Champs T- Shirt Design Contest - 2021” for the first time with the aim of enhancing the creativity among the undergraduate students of the Faculty during the pandemic period. This contest was opened to all our students of ATM, BFST and ASF degree programmes.

The students were given the challenge to design a collard, unisex-shirt with an attractive slogan that best represent the Department of Agricultural Biology.

A panel of judges representing all tiers of the Faculty, has chosen 04 champs fin the 04 major categories. The Most Popular Design was selected based on the number of ‘likes’ on the entries in the Ag Bio Champs Facebook page.

The Champs have received fabulous cash prizes and certificates.

>The Champs are,

Category 01 - The Most Popular Design - B.U.R. Wijemanna (AG/15/108)

Category 02 - The Best Logo - M.J. Damsara (AG/ASF/18/009)

Category 03 - The Best Slogan - P.R.K. Perera (AG/16/124)

Category 04 - The Most Creative Design - B.U.R. Wijemanna (AG/15/108)

Category 05 - The Most Relevant Design to Agricultural Biology - R.G.B. Dananjaya (AG/16/032)

The event was coordinated and organized by the AgBio Champs Team, Department of Agric. Biology and sponsored by Avon Parmo Pvt Ltd.

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