FAuRS 2021/2022 - Winner of the Merit Awards for Undergraduate Research of the theme on Plant Sciences and Ecology - Ms. H.D.O.P. Inuri (AG/16/059)

Title : Management of Southern Blight of Watermelon Caused by Sclerotium Rolfsii using fragmented DNA and Non-viable mycelia of the pathogen 


Southern blight incidence of watermelon was reduced when non-viable mycelia applied as soil drench as well as exogenous application of fragmented DNA and non-viable mycelia of S.rolfsii enhances the production of defense enzymes such as chuti add Polyphenol oxidase and peroxidass in watermelon seedlings. 

Non-viable S.rolfsii mycelia prepared by heat drying and freezing are effective sources to elicit defense enzymes in host tissues, since these are environmentally sound ,eco-friendly and commercially feaciable even in a resource limited conditions these practices can be used to manage diseases 

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