Publication of Two Books ( Samodanitha Shaka Roga Palanaya and Basics of Household Insects-Biology, ecology and management)

Prof. Devika M. De. Costa, Chair of Plant Protection, Department of Agricultural Biology has published a book on ‘Samodanitha Shaka Roga Palanaya’ to enhance the awareness of farmers and extensionists on principles and potential of integrated plant disease management. This book has been published in Sinhala and Tamil languages and funded by the National Research Council (Research Grant 17-010). The Tamil version is co-authored by Mr. K. Prasannath, Department of Agricultural Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.


Prof. K.S. Hemachandra, Professor in Entomology, Department of Agricultural Biology together with Mr. M.D. Darshana Sigera, the Chief Executive Officer of Pest Solutions (PVT) Ltd., has published a book on ‘Basics of Household Insects: Biology, ecology and management’. This boo

k provides the key elements of the biology and ecology of pest species in relation to population management. The insects species considered in the book include cockroaches, mosquitoes, house fly, bed bugs, fleas and ants that has an importance in public health.



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