Webinars and seminars on “Technological and Strategic Advancements for Agricultural Sustainability”

The Department of Agricultural Biology has conducted two webinars and one seminar under the theme “Technological and Strategic Advancements for Agricultural Sustainability” targeting a wider audience including university students, professionals and other interested parties in the country. Resource persons representing both foreign and local organizations contributed to those workshops. The Department expects to conduct more activities in the future in the same line.

The details of the Webinars/Seminar are as follows.


Name of the Webinar/Seminar

Resource Person


p>30 May, 2022

Webinar- “Next Generation Plant Breeding: Integrated Multi-Omics Technologies in Predictive Modelling”

Dr. Prabha Amarasinghe, Molecular Biologist, MOgene, USA

02 May, 2022

Webinar- “Citrus Huanglonbing; A Pathogen Triggered Immune Disease and its Implications in Disease Management”

Prof. Nian Wang, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science, Citrus Research and Education Center, University of Florida, USA

18 August, 2022

Seminar- “Troubleshooting in Home Gardening; Pest and Disease Problems” (Sinhala Medium)

Mr. H.K.M.S. Kumarasinghe, Extension and Training Division, Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya

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