Prof. R.P.N.P. Rajapakse (Niranjan Rajapakse)

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Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • Ph.D. (Pukyong Nat. Uni., South Korea)
  • M.Sc. (Pukyong Nat. Uni., South Korea)
  • M.Sc. (Agric.) (Uni. of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)
  • B.Sc. (Agric.) (Uni. of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka )


University Level

  • Head of Department - Department of Food Science & Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, UoP - (May 2016 - April 2019)
  • Secretary, Board of Study in Food Science & Technology - Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, UoP - (2013 - 2015)
  • Visiting Lecturer - Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, UoP - (2009 - 2017)
  • Senior Lecturer - Department of Food Science & Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, UoP - (2007 - to date)
  • Visiting Lecturer - Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, UoP - (2007 - to date)
  • Visiting Lecturer - Department of Agricultural Systems, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (2007 - 2008)
  • Demonstrator - Department of Agricultural Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, UoP - (Feb. - Oct. 2000)

National Level

  • National Consultant on GM Food & Feed Safety - for the project, Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework in Accordance with the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (FAO & NSF Joint Project) - (2019 to 2020)
  • Team Leader - Expert Working Group on Guidelines and Training Manuals for Risk Assessment (RA), Risk Management (RM) and Risk Communication (RC) for GM food and feed safety, for the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework in Accordance with the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (NFS Project) - (2019 - 2020)
  • Member of the Technical Advisory Sub-Committee on Food Safety Program Implementation - of the Food advisory Committee - (May 2018 - to date)
  • National Food Safety Consultant (Imported Food Control) - Situational study on Strengthening National Capacity for Risk-based Food Import Control within a One Health Framework (FAO Project) - (Aug. - Dec. 2017)
  • Visiting Lecturer -  Kadugannawa Regional Health & Training Center, Ministry of Health & Nutrition (Diploma in Public Health & Food Safety.) - (2015 - to date)
  • Member of Expert Panel on GM Food - (An Ad hoc Committee) appointed by the Food Advisory Committee to assess the application forwarded to import genetically modified maize of US origin - (Aug. 2007)



  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Senior Researcher) Marine Bioprocess Research Center, Pukyong National University, South Korea - (Feb 2007 - July 2007)
  • Teaching Assistant - Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Pukyong National University, South Korea - (2002 - 2006)


  • Research and Development Officer - Serendib Horticulture Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka - (2001)


  • Institute of Food Science & Technology Sri Lanka
    • Founder president - (2011 - 2013)
    • Executive committee member - (2011 - to date)
  • Sri Lanka Association of Agricultural Professionals
    • Executive committee member - (2009)
    • Member - (2009 - to date)
  • Nutrition Society of Sri Lanka
    • Member - (2008 - to date)

The Areas of Expertise

  • Food Microbiology
  • Biochemistry


Selected publications

Journal papers


  1. Ariyarathna D.S., Kariyawasam K.M.G.R.M., Rajapakse N., Illeperuma C.K. (2018), Effect of salt and storage temperature on physico-chemical and sensory properties of salt fermented herring (Amblygaster sirm), Journal of the National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency of Sri Lanka, 26-37.
  2. Kim M.M., Mendis E., Rajapakse N., Lee S.H., Kim S.K. (2009), Effect of spongin derived from Hymeniacidon sinapium on bone mineralization, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. (Part B, Applied Biomaterials) 90(2); 540-546. (
  3. Kim M.M., Rajapakse N., Kim S.K. (2009), Anti-inflammatory effect of Ishige okamurae ethanolic extract via inhibition of NF-?B transcription factor in RAW 264.7 cells, Phytotherapy Research, 23(5); 628-634. (
  4. Mendis E., Kim M.M., Rajapakse N., Kim S.K. (2009), The inhibitory mechanism of a novel cationic glucosamine derivative against MMP-2 and MMP-9 expressions, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters19(10); 2755-2759. (
  5. Mendis E., Kim M.M., Rajapakse N., Kim S.K. (2008), Suppression of cytokine production in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated mouse macrophages by novel cationic glucosamine derivative involves down-regulation of NF-?B and MAPK expressions, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry16 (18); 8390-8396. (
  6. Rajapakse N., Kim M.M., Mendis E., Kim S.K. (2008), Inhibition of iNOS and COX-2 in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells by carboxybutyrylated glucosamine takes place via down-regulation of MAPKs-mediated NF-?B signaling. Immunology, 123; 348-357. (
  7. Mendis E., Kim M.M., Rajapakse N., Kim S.K. (2008), Sulfated glucosamine inhibits oxidation of biomolecules in cells via a mechanism involving intracellular free radical scavenging, European Journal of Pharmacology, 579; 74-85. (
  8. Kim M.M., Mendis E., Rajapakse N., Kim S.K. (2007), Glucosamine sulfate promotes osteoblastic differentiation of MG-63 cells via anti-inflammatory effect, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters17;

Book Chapters, Books & Monographs


  1. Mendis E. and Rajapakse N. (2009). GMP and HACCP handbook for small and medium scale food processing enterprises, The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka. (ISBN: 978-955-604-037-1)


  1. Perera U.M.S.P., Rajapakse N. (2014), Chitosan nanoparticles: preparation, characterization, and applications, In: Kim S.K. (Ed.), Seafood Processing By-Products, Springer New York, 371-387 pp. (ISBN: 978-1-4614-9590-1)
  2. Rajapakse N., Kim S.K. (2011), Nutritional and digestive health benefits of seaweeds, In: Kim S.K. (Ed.), Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, Vol. 64, (Marine Medicinal Foods: Implications and Applications, Macro and Microalgae), Academic Press, USA, 17-28 pp. (ISBN: 978-0-12-387669-0)
  3. Kim S.K., Rajapakse N., Shahidi F. (2008), Production of bioactive chitosan oligosaccharides and their potential use as nutraceuticals, In: Barrow C. Shahidi F. (Eds.), Marine Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, Taylor and Francis, Boca Raton, USA, 183-196 pp. (ISBN: 978-157-444-487-2)

Conference Proceedings


  1. Sarusha S., Rajapakse R.P.N.P. (2019), Comparison of oxidative stability and quality of bulk coconut oil following repeated deep frying, Proceedings of the 22nd Peradeniya University International Research Sessions (iPURSE), (11-12th September, Peradeniya), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, Vol: 22, 127 p (Web Link)
  2. Madusanka G.D., Rajapakse R.P.N.P., Pathirage A.C. (2018), Extension of shelf-life of fresh-cut tomato and lettuce using chemical treatments, Extended Abstracts of the FoodTechno-2018, 4th IFSTSL Annual Research Session (4th August, BMICH, Colombo), Institute of Food Science and Technology Sri Lanka, 6-10 pp
  3. Hemachandra T.P., Jayewardena W.J.C.M., Somasundaram T., Ganegama Arachchi G.J., Rajapakse R.P.N.P. (2018), Determination of proximate and mineral composition of Ulva reticulateCaulerpa Racemosa and Sargassum wightii in Southern coast of Sri Lanka. Proceedings of the National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency (NARA) Scientific Sessions, (25th July), National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency, Sri Lanka, 67 p
  4. Seneviratne R.A.C.H., Gunawardana M., Rajapakse R.P.N.P. (2016), Development of a rice fortification technique using vacuum assisted rapid diffusion for low cost encapsulation of Fe and Zn, 18th International Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences, (08-09th September, Singapore) [Abstract available at] World Academy of Science-Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Nutrition and Food Engineering, Vol: 10, No: 9, Abstract: 54199, (doi:10.1999/1307-6892/50789)
  5. Tharmy S., Rajapakse R.P.N.P. (2016), Effect of H2O2 in reducing coliform contamination of ingredients used to prepare unroasted curry powder, Extended Abstracts of the FoodTechno-2016, 2nd IFSTSL Annual Research Session (13th August, BMICH, Colombo), Institute of Food Science and Technology Sri Lanka, 43-47 pp
  6. Seneviratne R.A.C.H., Gunawardana M., Rajapakse R.P.N.P. (2016), Modification of parboiling process of paddy to develop a rice type with raw and parboiled quality characteristics, Extended Abstracts of the FoodTechno-2016, 2nd IFSTSL Annual Research Session (13th August, BMICH, Colombo), Institute of Food Science and Technology Sri Lanka, 9-13 pp
  7. Karunarathne P.U.H.S., Rajapakse R.P.N.P., Weerakkody N.S. (2016), Comparative study of antimicrobial activity of Sri Lankan grown galangal and ginge

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