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Academic and Professional Qualifications


1. B.Sc (Agriculture): Obtained from Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka with Second Class Lower Division with four (4) Distinctions in 1986
Thesis title: Preliminary studies on Avenue Cropping
2. M.Sc (Forestry and its relations to land use): Obtained from Oxford Forestry Institute, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, United Kingdom in 1992.
Thesis title: Diagnosis and Design Methodology for planning agroforestry projects: Strengths and limitations.
3. M.Phil. (Agriculture): Obtained from the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 1993.
Thesis title: Alley cropping with Gliricidia and Leucaena in the Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka
4. Ph.D. (Agroforestry): Obtained from the School of Agriculture and Forest Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdom in 1996.
Thesis title: Farmers' knowledge and the development of complex agroforestry practices in Sri Lanka.

Research interests and on-going Research and development work:


  •  Organic and biodynamic farming systems & technologies: Composting, Vermitech, liquid organic fertilizers, green manure
  •  Agroforestry: Kandyan and other homegarden systems in Sri Lanka, Live fence agroforestry, alley cropping, Energy plantations with MPTS including Gliricidia
  •  Tea plantation management and tea workers
  •  Ecology and management of invasive plant species.
  •  Participatory Forest Management: Community / Social Forestry, PRA, Non-timber forest products
  •  Local knowledge underlying tree management systems
  •  Policy studies in the Agriculture, Forestry and Plantation Agriculture Sectors

Journal Publications: in Journals that publishes less than two issues per year

1. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B., Gunasena, H.P.M. and Wickramasinghe, I.P. (1989). Evaluation of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam) de. Wit. for Psyllid Resistance. Tropical Agricultural Research. Vol. 1. pp. 216-231.
2. Pushpakumara, D.K.N.G. and Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B. (2001). Invasive tree species in Udawattakele forest reserve. Sri Lankan Biodiversity Review. Vol. 1. pp. 53-63.
3. Peiris, W.B.K, Fernando, M.T.N, Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B, Dassanayake, K.B, Gunathilake, H.A.J. and Subasinghe, S.D.J.N. (2003). Economic feasibility and biological productivity of Coconut-based agroforestry models in Sri Lanka. COCOS, The Journal of Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka. Vol. 15. pp. 38-52.
4. Peiris, W.B.K, Fernando, M.T.N, Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B, Dassanayake, K.B, Gunathilake, H.A.J. and Subasinghe, S.D.J.N. (2003). Social acceptability of Coconut-based agroforestry models developed to smallholders in Sri Lanka. COCOS, The Journal of Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka. Vol. 15. pp. 60-81.
5. Ginigaddara, G.A.S., Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B and Wickramasinghe, Y.M. (2009). Feasibility of intercropping Vetivaria zizanoides (Linn.) Nash with Banana in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 46 (2009). pp. 115-129.
6. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B. and Induruwa, I.V.A.D.C.S. (2010/2011). Evaluation of wood properties of homegarden grown tree species. The Sri Lankan Forester (New Series) 2010/2011. Vol. 32 & 33 pp. 01-09.
7. Amarathunga, A.A.D. and Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B. (2012). Vegetation structure and faunal composition of Wathurana Wetland ecosystem Tebuwana, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Journal of the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency of Sri Lanka (NARA), Volume 41 (2012). pp. 59-78.
8. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B., Priyadarshana, G.V.U. and Mahendra, P. (2012). Potential of Clusia rosea (Gal Goraka) as a Fuelwood Species. Sri Lanka Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 49 (2012). pp. 98-105.
9. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B. (2013). Kalpitiya Farming System: Its Characteristics and Emerging Challenges. Crop Life: Sri Lanka Plant Protection Industry Journal, December 2013. Vol. 7. pp. 58-65.
10. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B. (2013). Agriculture and Plantation Sectors in Sri Lanka: A review of sectoral strategies, policies and potential interventions for development. Crop Life: Sri Lanka Plant Protection Industry Journal, December 2013. Vol. 7. pp. 25-57.
11. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B., Gayathri, K.J. and Peiris, H.M.P. (2013). Effect of plucking practices on plucker productivity in tea. Sri Lanka Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 50 (2013). pp. 1-10.
12. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B. and Sumangala, A.D. (2013). Homegarden practices of resident workers in the Geragama tea estate, Pilimatalawa. Sri Lanka Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 50 (2013). pp. 32-44.

Book Chapters

1. Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B., Jayatilake, M.W.A.P. and Dayananda, K. (1992). Forestry: The Forest department. Profiles of Agricultural Extension Organizations in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Agricultural Extension Association (SLAEA). Vol. 1. pp. 69-84.
2. Sinclair, F. L. and Hitinayake, G. (2000). Case study: Ecosystem services of Forest gardens in Sri Lanka. Forests in Sustainable Development: a state of knowledge report for 2000. IUFRO Research Series 5. Price, M.F. and Butt, N. (eds.). CAB International, Oxford, U.K. pp. 153-155.
3. Hitinayake, Gamini (2006). Traditional varieties and wild relatives of crop plants in Sri Lanka. In An uncertain future: Traditional plant varieties and their crop wild relatives in Sri Lanka. Law and Society Trust, Colombo, Sri Lanka and South Asia Watch on Trade Economics and Environment (SAWTEE), Kathmandu. pp. 06-76.
4. De Silva, A. and Hitinayake, H.M.G.S.B. (2009). Traditional Homegardens of Kandy, Sri Lanka: in Gardens of Lanka. Fernando, S. and Nadaraja, L. (eds.). pp. 120-123.
5. Hitinayake, Gamini (2018). The freedom struggle launched in 1818 to protect our agriculture and heritage should not be ended (in Sinhala).In: Memorial Volume Published for the Bicentennial Celebration of 1818 Uwa Wellassa Struggle by the President Secretariat and University of Kelaniya. pp. 147-167.
6. Mohri, H., Landreth, N., Lahoti, S. Saito, O., Hitinayake, G., Gunatilleke, N., Irham, Van Thang, H. and Takeuchi, K. (2018). Ecosystem Services of Traditional Homegardens in South and Southeast Asia. In Resilient Asia: Fusion of Traditional and Modern Systems for a Sustainable Future. (eds.) Takeuchi, K., Saito, O., Matsuda, H. and Mohan. G. Springer Japan. pp. 95-122.
7. Hitinayake, Gamini and Wariyapola, Laxman (2019). Ecoagriculture Approach for Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Fast Changing Landscapes in Sri Lanka: the case of Rattota, Matale. In Landscaping agroecosystems: A way forward for natural resource utilization. Colombo: Institute of Biology Sri Lanka. pp. 57-70.


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