Prof. L.K. Weerasinghe

Investigating the Thermal Acclimation Potential of Leaf Photosynthesis and Respiration in Pioneer Tree Seedlings to Increases in Average Growth Temperature



Dr. N. Geekiyanage

Principle Investigator / Team Leader

Prof. L.K. Weerasinghe

This study aims to:

• Quantify the impact of average growth temperature on the rates of light-saturated net photosynthesis (Asat) and associated leaf traits (LMA) of seedlings of selected pioneer tree species.

• Quantify the impact of increased average growth temperature on the optimum temperature (Topt) of leaf photosynthesis of selected seedlings of pioneer tree species.

• Determine whether the leaf photosynthesis and respiration of pioneer tree seedlings can thermally acclimate to an increase in average growth temperature.

Expected outcomes:

This study will provide valuable insights into the thermal acclimation potential of seedlings of pioneer tree species, and how they may respond to an increase in average growth temperature. The results will help to formulate strategies for forest management and restoration in a changing climate, and may contribute to the development of more resilient and adaptable forest ecosystems.

The study may also contribute to a better understanding of the physiological mechanisms underlying thermal acclimation of leaf photosynthesis and respiration in plants, which could have implications for the wider field of plant ecology and biology.

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