Mapping Productivity-related Spatial Characteristics in Rice-based Cropping Systems in Sri Lanka

Kadupitiya H., Madushan R.N.D, Gunawardhane D, Sirisena D, Rathnayake U, Dissanayaka D.M.S.B, Ariyaratne M, Marambe B, Suriyagoda L (2022) Mapping productivity?related spatial characteristics in rice?based cropping systems in Sri Lanka. Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis. doi: 10.1007/s41651-022-00122-0



Accurate and timely information on the productivity-related spatial characteristics in paddy felds will facilitate accurate decision-making to achieve food security needs. The aim of the present study was to map rice-cultivating regions in Sri Lanka based on crop productivity and related agronomic decisions made. A grid-based map coupled with a paddy land map of the country was used for the sampling protocol, and the generated data were mapped using

ArcGIS software. The study revealed the spatial heterogeneity in the productivity of lowland paddy lands, rice varieties cultivated according to their age classes and breeding stations, water sources used for cultivation, and crops grown in lowlands during the water-limited cropping seasons. The constructed maps carrying the productivity-related spatial characteristics of rice across the country could facilitate agricultural decision support systems. The maps could be used to develop novel approaches for the management of rice productivity in rice-based cropping systems in the country.

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