Faculty of Agriculture - University of Peradeniya
  • Molecular & biochemical characterization of Sri Lankan Cinnamon & their wild relatives & expression analysis of major biochemical genes under different environmental conditions & plant parts to enhance utilization value of Cinnamon in Sri Lanka (Funded by NSF Sri Lanka).
  • Studying the mechanism of host parasite interaction between root parasitic Santalum album & its preferred hosts (Funded by CARP Sri Lanka).
  • Growth and phosphorus (P) nutrition diversity of Sri Lankan and introduced rice varieties at variable soil P supply and adaptations to increase the P uptake and use-efficiency when grown in P impoverished soils (Funded by NSF Sri Lanka).
  • Evaluating genetic resources of an endemic wild rice species, Oryza rhizomatis Vaughan, for defeating water scarcity in rice cultivation. (FUnded by InRC University of Peradeniya).
  • Production of genetically modified Gerbera varieties for local & export markets through gene transfer technique. (Funded by University of Peradeniya).
  • Department of Wildlife Conservation, Sri Lanka.
    • Genotyping domesticated and wild elephants
    • Molecular phylogeny of genus strobilanthes