Dr. E.T.S. Madhubhashini

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Academic and Professional Qualifications


Ph.D. (Environment Science and Engineering) / South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, University of
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
GPA- 3.8, Course work- Marine science, climate science, remote sensing, and GIS
Thesis: Environment regime impact on Black Marlin and Yellowfin tuna distribution in the Indian and Sri
Lankan waters

JULY 2015
MSc (Disaster analysis, management, and mitigation) / University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Merit pass, Course work- Climate, ocean, air, and land-related disasters’ prevention and mitigation
Thesis: Analysis of climate change impacts on fisheries in Western Sri Lankan waters

BSc (Fisheries and marine sciences & technology) (Hons.) / University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
First-class, Course work- Fisheries, aquaculture, marine science, geology, limnology, statistics, and
related subjects
Thesis: Chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature change effect on fisheries in Sri Lankan waters


Perera H L D, E.T.S. Madhubhashini, Nilwala N., Effect of Dietary Protein Level of dry pellet feed
prepared with selected locally available ingredients on Mud Crab (Scylla serrata) fattening, FAuRS
2019, 16th July 2020

Witharana W K C., E.T.S. Madhubhashini, Kumara P B T P, Ranasinghe T, Soil spill cleaning in
marine and freshwater environments: Application of expanded graphite (EG) and reduced
graphene oxide (r GO), FAuRS 2019, 16th July 2020

Elepathage T S M & Tang, D. (2020). Relationships among SST Variability, Physical, and Biological
Parameters in the Northeastern Indian Ocean. Atmosphere-Ocean, 1–14.

Rajakaruna, R. S., Nadeesa, M. G., Pemadasa, M., E.T.S. Madhubhashini, & Abeysundara, S. P.
(2020). Fishers perceptions and practices and sea turtle bycatch in Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean Turtle

Elepathage T S M, Tang, D., & Oey, L. (2019). The Pelagic Habitat of Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) in
the Changing Environment of the North Indian Ocean. Sustainability, 11(24), 7070.


Senior lecturer / University of Peradeniya
deliver lectures, seminars, and tutorials; design, prepare and develop courses and teaching materials;
develop and implement new methods of teaching to reflect changes in research; assess students'
coursework; set and mark examinations; supervise students' research activities; participating
administrative and volunteer work

Statistical scientist / National Buildings Research Organization
Apply statistical theories and methods to solve practical problems in environment researches, decide
what data are needed to answer specific questions or problems, determine methods for finding or
collecting data, design surveys or experiments to collect data, analyze and interpret data, report
conclusions from their analyses.

Demonstrator / University of Ruhuna
Agree with the relevant lecturer what practical work is to be done and how the class should be
conducted, prepare for the class by familiarizing themselves with any protocols or other information
required, and ensuring that they have undertaken the relevant exercises and experiments themselves
beforehand, conduct any demonstrations, to do so in such a way as to convey relevant information and
outcomes clearly and accurately to students.


IPCC and Prince Albert II Foundation in Monaco award for climate change-related studies in 2015
Chinese Scholarship Council scholarship for the PhD studies in China in 2016
The best paper presenter- PACON International conference, 27-30th March 2017, Ocean College,
Zhejiang University, China
Best presenter and best research paper- Guangdong ocean university – 01st -06th May 2017- South
China sea conference, China
Best interim report- LTO- South China sea Institute of Oceanology (CAS) - May 2018

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