Prof. D.V.P. Prasada

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Academic and Professional Qualifications

PhD Economics (New South Wales).


MSc Agric Economics and International Development (Guelph).
BSc Agriculture (Peradeniya).


Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance (Frankfurt School).


Appointments: Chairperson, Board of study in Agri Economics

Titles of research papers/chapters:

Assessing the potential for closure rules in the Sri Lankan sea cucumber fishery: Empirical models of practices and preferences of fishers. 

Climate resilience and varietal choice: a path analytic model for rice in Bangladesh. 

Impact of Zoning and Archaeological Legislation on Land Values in Kandy Municipal Council Area: A Hedonic-type Analysis.

Demand for Crop Insurance by Tea Smallholders in Badulla District: An Analysis of Willingness-To-Pay.

Equilibrium relations in the coconut sector: an analysis of fresh nut, oil and desiccated coconut market in Sri Lanka

ICT based information dissemination approaches for sustainable food systems: Sri Lankan perspectives.

Public - private producer partnerships in Sri Lankan Agriculture.

Performance and Potential of Agricultural Insurance: Global and Sri Lankan Perspectives.

Climate-Indexed Insurance as a Climate Service to Drought-Prone Farmers: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment in Sri Lanka.

Sea cucumber fishing pattern and the socio-economic characteristics of fisher communities in Sri Lanka.

Rational conflict and pre?commitment to peace.

Has Asia’s growth been gender?inclusive? Recent panel data evidence on female employment

Impact of Legislature Regarding ‘Right to Food’and ‘Wheat Fortification’on Child Malnutrition: Cross?country Estimates.

Economic Origins of Dietary Diseases: Is Obesity becoming a Middle Income Problem?

The role of credit currency and debt crises in trade performance: A product?disaggregated panel data analysis.

Domestic versus multilateral institutions in bilateral trade: A comparative gravity analysis

Seasonal Price Variations and Market Integration of Rice Market in Sri Lanka.

Market Impacts of Technological Change in Canadian Agriculture.

Impacts of Technological Change in Vertically Related Sectors: A Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Analysis of Canadian Agriculture.

General Equilibrium Impacts of Technological Change under Different Market Structures: A Comparison of Supply Managed and Other Primary Agricultural Markets in Canada.

Development Interventions Vs. Local Expectations in Post Conflict Recovery: A Case Study in Northern Sri Lanka.

Revisiting Trade?Institutions Nexus: A comparative analysis of South Asian and Global Commodity Trade Controlling for Institutional Homogeneity and Migration.

What Type of Institutions Matter More to World Trade ? National or Supranational? A Comparative Gravity Analysis Controlling for Institutional and Governance Environment.

The Presence of Spatial Bias in the Causality of Child Malnutrition in Sri Lanka

Distributional Impact of National Security Levy (NSL) in Sri Lanka: A Tax Incidence Analysis.

A technical efficiency analysis of the paddy farming systems in the dry zone of Sri Lanka: A case study.

Incidence of Commodity Taxation on Income Distribution in Sri Lanka.

An Assessment of Agrochemical Marketing in Sri Lanka with Special reference to Mahaweli System H.

Profiling of pesticide Usage in the Mahaweli Settlements of Sri Lanka.

An Evaluation of Participatory Approach as a reliable measure in determining the wellbeing of People.

Structural Adjustment Lending and its Discontents: A review of impacts on Sri Lanka and Developing Nations

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