Meeting with Director general of Plantation Human Development Trust ( PHDT)

A Meeting with Mr. Lal Perera, Director General of Plantation Human Development Trust ( PHDT) under the project of " Food Security and Food Value Chains in the Plantations (Phase 01 )" was successfully held at the Agribusiness Centre on 2nd of May, 2023. Prof. D.V.P Prasada, Prof. Gamini Hitinayake, Prof. W.A.U. Vitharana , Dr. S.H.N.P. De Silva and Ms. R.M.S. Wijerathna participated representing the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. Mr. Narada Wijerathna , regional director of Hatton and Mr. Mahesh Wanigasooriya, regional director of Kandy also participated representing PHDT. Mrs. Evangelyn Perera participated for this occasion representing Ethical Tea Partnership. PHDT, ETP and agribusiness center discussed the plans for piloting the above project and scheduled the field visits to Hatton, Nawalapitiya and Thalawakele sites.


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