More About Us

The Biology Guild is an active student society in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya.It is steered by the undergraduate students of the faculty, under the guidance of the academic staff members of the Department of Agricultural Biology.

The guild was founded in 1990 by Prof.J.M.R.S.Bandara as a platform for the biology majoring students to explore avenues outside the classroom. For two decades the guild went through active and passive phrases, until it was formally registered as a student society in the year 2010. Since the biology Guild has become a dynamic student society, dedicated to improve the undergraduate experience of the guilders, by organizing various educational and extracurricular activities.

The activities organized by the Guild aims at improving knowledge, skills and attitudes of its members, and build harmony and team spirit among the student body. Each year the Guild organizes an array of events covering seminars, festivities and community outreach activities, under the close supervision and guidance of the advisory board.


Faculty of Agriculture
University of Peradeniya