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Non Academic Staff

Name Designation Department Ext.
M.G.J. DharmasiriSenior Assistant RegistrarDean's Office-
C.J. PonnamperumaSenior Assistant BursarDean's Office-
S.D. Irugalrathne-Dean's Office-
D.K. Rathnadivakara-Dean's Office-
B.M.M. Basnayake-Dean's Office-
H.M.S. Kumararathne-Dean's Office-
D.S. Dissanayake-Dean's Office-
T.S. Balasooriya-Dean's Office-
W.V.M. Weerasingha-Dean's Office-
P.H. Renuka-Dean's Office-
S.M.A.N. Sakalasooriya-Dean's Office-
S. Amukotuwa-Dean's Office-
T.M. Ranaraja Banda-Dean's Office-
S.N. Karunarathne-Dean's Office-
B.E. Fernando-Dean's Office-
P.K. Vithanage-Dean's Office-
B.G. Upasena-Dean's Office-
D.G.G.A.N. Gunarathne-Dean's Office-
E.A.I. Nihara-Dean's Office-
M.H.M. Nihal-Dean's Office-
R.M.D.M.S.B. Rathnayaka-Dean's Office-
T.K. Wijethunga-Dean's Office-
R.M.T.P. Ramanayaka-Dean's Office-
D.M.E.K. Senavirathne-Dean's Office-
K.D.C.S. Jaliya-Dean's Office-
S. Wijewardana-Dean's Office-
Mr. D.M.G. Abesinghe Banda-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. D.M.S. Disanayake-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. K.L.S. Silva-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. W.J.A Parakrama-Agricultural Biology-
Ms. Y.M.U.K.Y Silva-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. G.S. Udumulla-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. K.L.W.B.P. Silva-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. A.G. Nawaratne Banda-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. U.G.U Gunawardena-Agricultural Biology-
Ms. M.G. Chandrasena-Agricultural Biology-
Mr. A.G. Jayasinghe-Agricultural Biology-
Ms. J.T.P. Gunawardena-Agricultural Economics and Business Management-
Mr. V.W.P. Ekanayake-Agricultural Economics and Business Management-
Ms. D.M.C.K. Dissanayake-Agricultural Economics and Business Management-
Mr. E.M.A.D. Ekanayake-Agricultural Economics and Business Management-
Mr. S. B. Wijeratne-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. P.V.B.L. Wickramasinghe-Agricultural Engineering-
Ms. D.D.K. Galahitiyawa-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. K.G.W.U. Karunasinghe-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. R.U.K. Rohitha-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. I.G. Tilakaratne-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. H.M.H.G.C. Dasanayaka-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. H.M.Sunilratne-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. M.R. Ranaweera-Agricultural Engineering-
Ms. P. Kurugamma-Agricultural Engineering-
Ms. D.M.A.S Wasantha-Agricultural Engineering-
Ms. Kumari-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. P.K. Jinadasa-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. P.G. Jayawera Bandara-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. P.A.T.C.B. Athauda-Agricultural Engineering-
Mr. D.P. Handunge-Agricultural Extension-
Mr. A.G.I.G.Y.M.A.H.B Angammana-Agricultural Extension-
Ms. J.S. Kumari-Agricultural Extension-
Mr. P.D. Tissa-Agricultural Extension-
Mr. R.M.A.S.B. Rathnayake-Agricultural Extension-
Mr. K.A. Perera-Animal Science-
Ms. I.K. Subasinghe-Animal Science-
Ms. C. Thundeniya-Animal Science-
Ms. S.P.I.N. Ekanayake-Animal Science-
Mr. A.H. Attanayake-Animal Science-
Mr. H.G. Heenbanda-Animal Science-
Mr. D.G. Premasiri-Animal Science-
Mr. W.R.L.J. Bandara-Animal Science-
Mrs. S.B.A.H. Praba Kumari-Animal Science-
Mr. I.G.G. Thilakaratne-Animal Science-
Mr. A.M.K.B. Attanayakes-Crop Science-
Ms. A.M.U.R.K. Attanayake-Crop Science-
Mr. P.R.S.D. Bandaranayake-Crop Science-
Ms. J.N. Gajanayake-Crop Science-
Ms. D.M.U.S.K. Dissanayake-Crop Science-
Mr. D.N.C. Weerasekera-Crop Science-
Mr. R.M.S.N.D. Warellagama-Crop Science-
Mr. H.P. Kumarasiri-Crop Science-
Mr. M.H.M. Nihal-Crop Science-
Mr. B.G.G. Wijesooriya-Crop Science-
Mr. K.M.G. Tennakoon Banda-Crop Science-
Mr. D.G.K. Devapasksha-Crop Science-
Mr. P.G.A.J. Chandrasiri-Crop Science-
Mr.W.R.M.R.K. Wickramasinghe-Crop Science-
Ms. A.P. Wijekoon-Food Science and Technology-
Mr. D. Abeyratne-Food Science and Technology-
Ms. W.M.A.U. Ratnayake-Food Science and Technology-
Mr. M.H.M. Tissa Bandara-Food Science and Technology-
Mr. K.S.V. Dissanayake-Food Science and Technology-
Mr. B.R.M.M.K.B. Ratnayake-Food Science and Technology-
A.M. Gunaratne Banda-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
T.M.N.S Senadeera-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
K. Kiribanda-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
H.M. Gunasena-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
W.M. Wijerathne-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
J.C.A. Fernand-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
T.W. Gunasekara-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
D.S.A.N. Gamini-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
H. Jayasena-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
P.A. Wimalarathne-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
R.B. Goonarathne Banda-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
P. Muthubanda-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
M. Karunarathne-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
W.M. Samaraweera-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
M. Kiribanda-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
G. Piyadasa-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
G.K.B. Gunasara-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
H.M.S.M. Bandara-Mahailuppallama Sub Campus-
Mr. M.M.C.B. Ekanayake-Soil Science-
Ms. P.A.W.A.N.K. Seneviratne-Soil Science-
Ms. S. Sapumohotti-Soil Science-
Mr. W.M. Karunarathna-Soil Science-
Mr.. K.A. Ariyawansa-Soil Science-
Mr. E.G.S. Wickramasinghei-Soil Science-
Mr. W.G. Nishantha Bandara-Soil Science-