Soil, Plant & Water Analytical Services


The “Soil, Plant and Water Analytical Service” was established in 1996 with the approval of the Council of University of Peradeniya as a non-profit oriented service offered by the Department of Soil Science of Faculty of Agriculture. Through this service the Department has been catering to requests made by government and private sector organizations, researchers and individuals for laboratory analysis of soil, plant, water and fertilizer samples for nutrients, impurities, and physical and biological parameters. The samples received are analyzed by skilled personnel using modern equipments adopting standard methods. Analysis by specific methods could also be conducted subsequent to discussions. Supervisory and advisory services related to analyses are provided on request. Under the close supervision of academic staff members, graduate and undergraduate students and technical officers are also involved with the service, gaining extra experiences in sample processing, handling and analyses. The laboratory follows a thorough quality assurance and control techniques to assure the reliability of the data generated. The information on services provided could be received from the Head of the Department or by sending an email to