Soil & Environment


Fertile soil with minimal potential hazardous contaminants has become one of the major limited natural resources for agriculture worldwide as a result of continuous degradation of usable land due to diverse natural and anthropogenic factors including agricultural practices. Increase of concentrations of hazardous contaminants in soil, water, air and plants imposes health risks on living organisms. Due to the growing public concern in this regard, new policies have been introduced aiming for a sustainable land management while ensuring food security and environmental quality. The advanced module on Soil and Environment has been designed to address this vital issue providing an inā€depth knowledge on the biogeochemistry of soil contaminants and the use of diverse remediation technologies to sustain the environmental quality by minimizing their bioavailability. After successful completion of the courses in this advanced module, a student will have the ability to identify the root causes of soil related agronomic and environmental problems and suggest and/or develop appropriate technologies to overcome those problems.