My Sojourn in Mahailupallama


Ms. Muoneke Ogochukwu Emmanuella

Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya.

When I got the admission to study Agricultural Technology and Management in the Prestigious University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, I was very excited and looked forward to travelling down here.

I had great expectations actually but never a day did I ever think that whoever is going to study this beautiful course in this Great University will have to spend almost a year in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka where the weather's hot and we would have to engage in a lot of Practical’s which would actually intimate us with what Agriculture really is!

Life in the Agriculture Sub Campus Mahaillupallama (MI) was all shades of fun, even though there were days when we are all tired and fed up with the schedules and hard work, but guess what? Now we miss MI very much.

As a foreigner here, MI gave me an opportunity to work with Natives, ploughing the fields, planting different kind of crops, visit Farm families, Field visits, engage in interactive sessions with students and the Lecturers /Asst. Lecturers and of course usual lectures.

Myself and my batch mates indeed got a "First-hand experience" on what Farming and Agriculture is there in MI, this is like a "Treasure" that is obviously not available to other students of Agriculture in other Universities.

Aside the practical’s we engaged in at the Agricultural Field and our relationship/study with our Grassroots farmers, we also had another advantage and that is been surrounded by so many different Agricultural Research institutes which we often make field visits too..

Of course you know we gained a lot of knowledge practically from all of these... I would really say that we worked with Grassroots farmers, especially with our Farm Families... We got to be intimated with the challenges they face as well as their prospective potentials and successes...

MI is blessed with a Beautiful Serene environment endowed with the very Beauty and essence of Nature, it's certainly a place to be for WORK and FUN!

Yes, we had to work on the fields and Lecture halls, but there was also a Good time to play, have fun and enjoy the Beauty of MI and the close by Katiyawa village.

A bicycle ride through the Sub campus, MI area and Katiyawa area is something I loved doing with my friends when the sun's down especially on weekends. That was something we enjoyed and looked forward to during our free times.

It was fun engaging in various activities on the field and we all sang songs, played and threw shades at each other!

It was all a wonderful way to start the University life and get the basics of the ATM degree plus all it entails.

MI left us better equipped and better people.

Now we're ready to face whatever comes along in this journey for the next 7 semesters which is about 3years and a few months!

I completely loved the experience, and it topped my knowledge both academics and so many other things aside academics.

It's indeed a place to be because of its numerous advantages!!!

I am Emmanuella Ogochukwu Muoneke and I am a Nigerian!!!