Annual Research Excellence Awards – 2018 -Faculty of Agriculture

Awards - 2018

As per the decision of the 276th Faculty Board of Agriculture, applications were called from permanent academic staff members to select “Annual Research Excellence Award – 2018” from Probationary Lecturers (Category I), Senior Lecturers (Category II) and Professors (Category III) for the year 2018.

The following academic members are the recipients of awards under Categories I and II:
  • Annual Research Excellence Award 2018 for Category I (Probationary Lecturers) – Mr. H.K.A. Premachandra (Department of Animal Science).
  • Annual Research Excellence Award 2018 for Category II (Senior Lecturers) – Dr. K.W.L.K. Weerasinghe (Department of Crop Science) and Dr. P.G.G. Bandaranayake (Agricultural Biotechnology Centre).

These awards have been reported and confirmed at the 278th meeting of the Faculty Board of Agriculture held on 18th June 2019.