Chairman: Mr. M.P.B. Kumara Mahipala
Secretary: Ms. Jeevanthi Dissanayaka (AR)

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process:
The Time Table Committee (TTC) is comprised of Senior Assistant Registrar, one member from each department of study including Head/Food Science & Technology and Head/Animal Science. The Senior Assistant Registrar of the Faculty operates as the secretariat of the TTC Committee is responsible for setting up of semester time table and examination time table. Usually, the Chairman of the committee will be Head/AS or Head/FST. The committee meets when there are matters for discussion, usually two times per year. Progress of the committee should report to the Faculty Board.

Composition in 2018:

Head/AS Mr. M.P.B. Kumara Mahipala
Head/FST Dr. R.P.N.P. Rajapakse
AR (Secretary) Ms. Jeevanthi Dissanayaka
Secretary-LTC Dr. A.M.P.C. K. Attanayake
Two to three members selected from each Department Dr. S.A.C.N. Perera (AgBio)
Dr. S. Kumar, Dr. P.M. Korale Gedera (AgEco)
Ms. U.I. Dissnayake (AgExt)
Dr. S. Pathmarajah
Dr. A.K. Karunarathne (AgEng)
Prof. T. Sivananthawerl
Prof. J.P. Esswara
Dr. W.M.T.P. Ariyarathne
Dr. H.M.G.S.B. Hitinayake (CS)
Dr. W.S. Dandeniya (SS)