Chairman: Prof. R.M.C.P. Rajapakshe
Secretary: Prof. L.H.P. Gunarathne

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process:
The Teaching Methods Unit (TMU) of the Faculty of Agriculture was established in September 1991. Academic staff members of the Faculty who has obtained specialized training on teaching methodologies have formed the core group of trainers of the TMU. The unit attempts to improve the skills and attitudes of teachers as a means of improving the quality of the teaching program and thus the graduates of higher education institutes. The Teaching Methods Unit currently supports the Staff Development Centre of the University of Peradeniya by providing resource persons and other facilities to hold workshops and other training programs of varying durations to help teachers improve the wide range of skills necessary to make them more effective and efficient. Each program is specially designed to achieve the stated objectives of improving the skills of the participants. The committee meets when there are matters for discussion. The progress of the committee should report to the Faculty Board.

Composition in 2018:

One member (Professor) selected from each Department Prof. D.M. De Costa (AgBio)
Prof. L.H.P. Gunarathna (AgEco)
Prof. E.R.N. Gunawardena (AgEng)
Prof. W.A.D.P. Wanigasundara (AgExt)
Prof. G.L.L.P. Silva (AS)
Prof. B. Marambe (CS)
Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith (FST)
Prof. R.M.C.P. Rajapaksa (SS).