Student Advisory & Welfare Committee (SAWC)

Chairman: Dr. A.J. Mohotti
Secretary: Dr. K.K.D.V. Jayathilaka

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process:
The Student Advisory and Welfare Committee (SAWC) is responsible for implementing the orientation program for new entrants and student advisory program of the Faculty where each student is assigned to a voluntary advisor from the academic staff to assist them in times of difficulty. It also implements appropriate programs to develop staff-student relationships, takes action to improve the welfare of students of the Faculty and maintain discipline among students of the Faculty according to the university by-laws. Usually, SAWC conduct ten meetings per year. However, SAWC meets more frequently when there are matters for discussion. Progress of the committee should report to the Faculty Board.

Composition in 2018:

Deputy Proctor Dr. WAU Vitahrana
All Senior Student Counselors Prof. T. Sivananthawerl
Dr. A.J. Mohotti
Dr. B.E.P. Mendis
Dr. A.R.S.B. Athauda
Dr. K.W.L.K. Weerasinghe
Dr. L.N.A.C. Jayawardena
Two to three members selected from each Department Dr. H.M.V.G. Herath
Dr. K.K.D.V. Jayathilaka
Dr. S.A.C.N. Perera (AgBio)
Prof. K.A.S.S. Kodithuwakku
Dr. S.D.S. Hemachandra
Dr. S.A. Weerasooriya (AgEco)
Dr. M.W.A.P. Jayathilaka (AgExt)
Prof. B.F.A. Basnayake
Prof. D.A.N. Dharmasena
Dr. S. Pathmarajah (AgEng)
Dr. R.M. Fonseka
Dr. C.K. Beneragama
Ms. H.M.P.C. Kumarihami
Dr. H.G.J.T. Kumara (CS)
Dr. A.M.C.P.K. Attanayake (SS)