e-Learning & Computer Unit Management Committee (eLCUMC)


Chair : Dr. S.A. Weerasooriya
Secretary : Dr. K.K.D.V. Jayatilake

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process:
Skills in use of computers have become mandatory for the present-day learning activities and employment. The facilities available with the computer unit of the Faculty help undergraduates to develop their skills in use of computers and web-based learning. The eLCUMC is responsible for the preparation of guidelines and procedures for the efficient management of the Computer Unit of the faculty. It is also responsible for planning for future expansion and development of the unit to meet the needs of the Faculty. It also provides guidance for academic staff and students to enhance their teaching and learning experience through the process of blended learning. The committee conducts regular training programs for academic staff, non‐academic staff and students on both basic and advanced features of eLearning. The committee works closely with curriculum development committee providing them with the necessary assistance to develop eLearning components of the courses. Usually, eLCUMC conduct ten meetings per year. However, eLCUMC meets more frequently when there are matters for discussion. Progress of the committee should report to the Faculty Board.

Composition :

Two to three members selected from each Department Prof. H.M.V.G. Herath
Dr. K.K.D.V. Jayatilake
Ms. P.G.A.S. Warnasooriya (AB)
Prof. S Kumar
Dr. S.A. Weerasooriya (AEBM)
Prof. K.S.P. Amaratunga
Ms. S.S.K. Chandrasekera
Ms. A.M.Y.W. Alahakoon (AEng)
Dr. U.I. Dissanayake (AExt)
Prof. J.K. Vidanarachchi
Dr. S.M.C. Himali (AS)
Prof. A.J. Mohotti
Dr. S.H.N.P. De Silva (CS)
Prof. K.M.S. Wimalasiri
Dr. G.M. Somaratne (FST)
Dr. A.D. Igalavithana
Ms. D.M.M.R. Dissanayake (SS)
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