A research started as a final year undergraduate project at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya has received US Patent (US2019/0193082 AI) for raw grain fortification system and process. The research was started in 2014 by RAC Haily Seneviratne (AG/FT/10/024) and supervised by Mr. Manju S Gunawardana and Dr.R.P.N.P. Rajapaksha. During the undergraduate time she has presented this finding of the research at Faculty of Agriculture Undergraduate Research Symposium 2015. She has continued her research after the graduation and has formed a company in Singapore with the intention of commercializing the outcome. US Patent for the technology has been received by Mr. Manju Gunawardana, Haily Seneviratne and Ananda Hettiarachchy (Process Engineer who scaled up the technology in commercialization). The Faculty congratulate Haily Seneviratne for her continuation of research on rice fortification and her achievements. She has been awarded two Gold medals with a special jury award for two other inventions as well, namely, access controlling hand sanitizer and a diabetic early warning system in 42nd exhibitions of inventions of Geneva in 2013